Vapor Blasting

Surface preparation is a big part of what our epoxy coatings Toronto team does at HCTS. While abrading and cleaning is the crucial first step to any coating, our epoxy coatings Toronto experts also offer these services as a standalone option. Some items just need to be degreased, cleaned, or have old paint stripped away.

Vapor blasting is accomplished by a piece of equipment which mixes appropriate abrasive blast media with water, creating a slurry. This mixture is then blasted through a nozzle with compressed air to clean the target surface. The water acts to remove blasting debris from the surface, and to cushion the surface to reduce deformation. The benefits of vapor blasting over traditional blasting are a gentler abrasion, an even satin finish, and nearly dustless operation.

Our epoxy coatings Toronto technicians’ vapor blasting process is perfect to restore automotive and motorcycle parts. It is ideally suited for any non-ferrous metal, but a flash rust inhibitor can be used with steel surfaces to allow time for coating. Vapor blasting is perfect to remove tough graffiti from brick or concrete, or to clean sidewalks that are too stubbornly soiled for pressure washing. The greatly reduced dust produced by the vapor blasting process is a great fit for locations that are difficult to enclose, while maintaining environmental and health standards.

Whether you need a bank of industrial tanks blasted and re-lined, or just need an old barn stripped and re-painted, our epoxy coatings Toronto group of professionals can help. HCTS services Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Hamilton, and other Ontario cities. For more information, contact our epoxy coatings Toronto team today! Our epoxy coatings Toronto specialists will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our vapor blasting services.

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